Friday, July 17, 2009


So, we got back from Denver over a week ago and I've been too crazy busy to post anything. We got back from Denver on a Monday and Ricarda, our exchange student from Germany, was leaving on Saturday. We had about 80 things to do before she left. She wanted to go to a few restaurants one more time, or try ones that she had been meaning to try.

She also wanted to get senior pictures. Although she won't be in any yearbook, she wanted the photo session that you get as a senior and she found a deal that allowed a free buddy picture. She wanted Katie to be the buddy. I think the pics will come out well but I was amazed at how busy they were. This was like the conveyor belt of photography. 4-5 photographers, each is a different room, they crossed off your card when you had done each room, it was crazy. Nothing like my senior pictures. Katie was antsy because we had to wait so long to get the pictures taken but I think they got some good ones, I'll see in another week or so when the proofs arrive.

Heather and I cooked again and I came out with NINE dishes. I was shocked when I realized that. I haven't been able to do any extra cooking on my own yet so my count for the summer is only 14 total but I am so much farther ahead than I would be otherwise.

After taking Ricarda to the airport on Saturday, Jim also went to the airport to leave for New Mexico to visit his mom. Katie and I had a good time on our own over the weekend with a limited amount of craziness.

The master to do list has been started in earnest:

I vacuumed the car (well I cheated and paid someone else $8 to vacuum the sea of goldfish out of the backseat, so worth it), which is actually on my list twice, once at the beginning of the summer and once at the end. Although it is kind of the middle, I'll probably have another sea of goldfish by late August so I'll leave the second vacuuming on there for now.

I also acquired bookshelves for my classroom closet and started cleaning it out. I replaced a deep industrial shelf with three bookshelves that are not as deep but will give me better access to my resources. I have moved everything out of the closet (with the strong back of a friend's teenage son) and moved the bookshelves in. I have also started thinning the materials and managed to dispose of a large trashcan full of stuff (think cafeteria sized). The next step is to start putting things back on the shelves so that I can get everything off the floor and set up my furniture. One thing at a time!

Of course, as mentioned before, Katie and I completed a set of swim lessons just before leaving for Denver.

Several goals are in progress including weight loss, making my back more healthy, and cooking 30 frozen meals. I rejoined weight watchers on Monday and I exercised everyday this week so wish me luck!


HeatherV said...

ok... second time to post this comment. Really we made 9 meals last session?!!

Love the new house news, send me the link.

Congrats on getting so much done plus all that exercise.

LauraC said...

What is up with new house news???

ElizabethS said...

See my latest post about the new house! I didn't say anything to anyone because I didn't think any of it was real! (or really going to happen!) It still has a feeling of surreality. More news soon I hope!