Monday, July 27, 2009

only a little news

I promise, the rest of the summer will not only be about moving, and offering for a new house, and moving, and painting, and...did I mention moving? Yes, we moved into an apartment this weekend and its...interesting. I haven't lived in an apartment in 11 years and I love love love living in my own house. The apartment is nice though and I do love the fact that we went from no swimming pool to a swimming pool 600 ft from our doorstep. On Sunday when we moved in, we went swimming right after dinner and it was great. We might have done that again today but we had a thunderstorm so, maybe tomorrow or Wendesday. Having a nearby neighborhood pool is definitely something we are looking forward to!

As far as the new house is concerned we are still waiting. We received a counter offer from the sellers on Friday night. We countered Saturday evening. They came back to us Monday late afternoon. We still haven't agreed. They said in the MLS that they would replace the carpet and now they don't want to replace the carpet and they really want to get their money out of the house. We are debating what our next offer will be and whether we will make it a final offer.

Keep praying. This is really trying my nerves. :)

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