Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well, I meant to blog again last week explaining that I would be absent from blogging for a week since I would be in Denver. Unfortunately, every minute of every day leading up to Friday's departure was taken up with preparations, getting a new bed for Katie, getting things for my classroom (eating and occasionally sleeping). I figured that I would not be able to blog in Denver because I am super busy visiting friends and having fun with my folks and my parents, although mostly in the 21st century, are the last hold outs in the country with dial-up internet. I found, upon my arrival, that they have a neighbor who is slightly more advanced and has high speed internet but not advanced enough to have secured his network. Thus, I am "borrowing" internet time so that I don't have to have a coffee while trying to connect to my email.

Here is an example of the super fun time we are having in Denver.

More on our super fun trip later!

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HeatherV said...

Hey! Saw your posts on FB too so it has been good to know you are having a great trip!

Happy holiday weekend and safe trip home. BTW I wrote about our extreme cooking today on my blog.

I put together 5 more dishes this week and hope we can still do our beef session next week.