Thursday, July 23, 2009

The word

The word on the new house is...we're still waiting. The owners of the house are from a state that requires many more things than NC does to sell a house and so they want to follow the regulations of the other state. So, they are requiring that a lawyer look at the contract. And they are requiring that we prove where the down payment is coming from and have numbers and addresses on our proof of pre-qualification for the mortgage letter. None of this is required in NC and the bank kind of balked at it. Also, telling them how much we qualify for is kind of like saying, "Please up the price, we qualify to pay more!" So, the word is: we're waiting for them to counter. We believe that they have a counter offer ready and are awaiting another signature/approval on it and we may (note the emphasis on may) get that today. Then we go back and possibly forth again.

We have committed, however, to the course of action. As of this morning I became an apartment dweller again. We have rented an apartment and a garage at the apartment to move our stuff to. We have engaged movers for Sunday morning. The home stager has been through and will be bringing a painter to evaluate this evening. Work will begin next week on repairs and painting/staging stuff.

It's still a little unreal but getting closer to being solid. I will feel SOOOO much better when I know that house is ours and this will all be worth it.

In the meantime...AAACK! (and hairpulling ensues). :)

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HeatherV said...

so sending you good "they will take your offer" vibes.

I cannot believe how fast all this has come together.

Can't wait to cook in that kitchen!

Yeah... I agree waiting totally sucks.